Discover our auto recycling center

Recycle your vehicle! We will buy it at a great price!

You want to get rid of your car? Car recycling is an ideal solution that allows you to give a second life to the parts of your vehicle. Indeed, it is not because you do not need your car anymore that the parts are automatically garbage.

We buy cars and trucks from individuals and insurance companies.

recyclage-auto-st-jerome-laurentidesOur auto recycling center allows other clients to choose an ecological solution by using recycled pieces while saving a lot of money. We select and remove the car parts carefully before adding them to our large inventory.

We buy in between 1200 and 1500 used vehicles per year. We have a vast inventory of car parts, may they be North American, Japanese or European.

Unable to deliver your car to us? Enjoy our towing service!

arpacHere, we hate wasting! We sell the useless car bodies to foundries so they can be reused for other purposes.

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